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(ruled well taken: Assembly does not have authority to suspend statutes when points of order are made) - A 877
Ap8 SB-2 (A.Sub.Amdt.1), not germane under Assembly rule 54 (3)(f). (ruled not well taken) - A 910
SJR-47: A.Amdt.1 not germane under Assembly rule 93 (1). (Ruled well taken because it expands the scope of extraordinary session) - A 803
rutkowski, james a Rutkowski, James A.
Resigned effective 12/7/97. Represented 82nd Assembly district. (Appointed commissioner to the Wisconsin Labor and industry review commission.)
 - A 449
seat assignments Seat assignments
Assembly seating assignments - A 46
Assembly seating assignments revised - A 450, 498, 801
secretary of state _ communication to assembly Secretary of state — Communication to Assembly
Constitutional amendments eligible for 2nd consideration - A 9
secretary of state _ communication to senate Secretary of state — Communication to Senate
Constitutional amendments eligible for 2nd consideration - S 2
sergeant_at_arms _ assembly Sergeant-at-arms — Assembly
Kelly, Steve: appointed assistant sergeant-at-arms - A 9
Reappointed - A 490
Scocos, John: elected - A 8
Resignation - A 380
Solie, Denise: elected - A 489
sergeant_at_arms _ senate Sergeant-at-arms — Senate
Hochkammer, Jon H.: elected - S 2
speaker of the assembly Speaker of the Assembly
Brancel, Ben: elected - A 6
Resigned effective 11/2/97 (Appointed Secretary of Wisconsin Department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection) - A 381
Jensen, Scott R.: elected - A 382
speaker pro tempore of the assembly Speaker pro tempore of the Assembly
Freese, Stephen: elected - A 8
Special session proclamation, see Governor
spillner, joan h. _wade_ Spillner, Joan H. (Wade)
Oath of office administered. Elected to 42nd Assembly district in 1/13/98 special election - A 497
stone, jeff Stone, Jeff
Oath of office administered. Elected to 82nd Assembly district in 4/7/98 special election - A 801
veto message _ assembly Veto message — Assembly
AB-100, budget bill (partial veto) - A 322
AB-242, dangerous substances in food or drink - A 960
AB-351, sentencing revisions (partial veto) - A 946
AB-768, budget adjustment bill (partial veto) - A 927
AB-842, administrative rule cost-benefit analysis - A 960
veto message _ senate Veto message — Senate
SB-147, mobile home park water and sewer service (partial veto) - S 655
SB-315, health care providers (partial veto) - S 655
SB-360, brewer and alcohol beverage wholesalers - S 654
SB-362, budget bill technical changes (partial veto) - S 374
SB-473, school facilities (partial veto) - S 741
SB-494, child support (partial veto) - S 649
weeden, timothy l Weeden, Timothy L.
Resigned effective 12/4/98. Represented 15th Senate district - S 804
wisconsin sesquicentennial Wisconsin sesquicentennial
Assembly resolved into a Committee of the whole for session at the First capitol historic site in Belmont  - A 482
Coggs, Representative Spencer: remarks on celebration of Black history in Wisconsin and the Wisconsin sesquicentennial - A 627
Dodge, Henry: original message of statehood, October 19, 1847 - A 480
Dodge, Henry: proclamation re constitution, April 11, 1848 - A 480
Dodge, Henry: territorial proceedings address, October 18, 1847 - A 480
Heffernan, Nathan (former Wisconsin chief justice): remarks on celebration of Wisconsin sesquicentennial - A 477, 625
Jensen, Representative Scott R. (Speaker of the Assembly): remarks on statehood - A 486
Polk, President James: an act for the admission of the state of Wisconsin into the Union, May 29, 1848 - A 480
Risser, Senator Fred A. (President of the Senate): remarks on sesquicentennial celebration of statehood - S 389
Schneider, Representative Marlin: remarks on statehood - A 483
Thompson, Governor Tommy: Wisconsin sesquicentennial address at the First capitol historic site in Belmont - A 477