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12.05 12.05 False representations affecting elections. No person may knowingly make or publish, or cause to be made or published, a false representation pertaining to a candidate or referendum which is intended or tends to affect voting at an election.
12.05 History History: 1973 c. 334; 1993 a. 175.
12.05 Annotation A violation of this section does not constitute defamation per se. Tatur v. Solsrud, 174 Wis. 2d 735, 498 N.W.2d 232 (1993).
2011-12 Wisconsin Statutes updated though 2013 Wis. Act 380 and all Supreme Court Orders entered before June 30, 2014. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after July 1, 2014 are designated by NOTES. (Published 7-1-14)